FLEX Coffee Filter Holder White


Flex Coffee Filter Holder is a product made to make everyday life easier. The holder is perfect for all coffee lovers, who want to dedicate a special place to their favourite hobby.

Flex is a multifunctional storage shelf, just the right size and with all the elements you need for keeping your bits and pieces tidy in all sorts of settings. Stylishly functional in the best tradition of Nordic design, Flex is made with a focus on high quality materials and combines a magnetic strip, shelf, hooks, mirror, side table, boxes and more. Effortlessly interchangeable, you choose the set up that works for you.




Focusing on functional design and high quality materials, Gejst takes a normal product, looks at the need to be fulfilled, then strips it down to come up with something thrilling. Multifunctional and thought through to the smallest detail, you decide the final design and how it will be used.

Each design is a testament to this approach and it is our way of bringing gejst into homes all around the world.

Designer: Gejst Design Team, Colour: Black, White

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