KOLLEKT Serving Tray White

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Kollekt Serving Tray is a tray that combines aesthetics and functionality. It is made of solid oak which adds an immediate feeling of quality and material awareness to the tray. The smooth handles give it a firm and elegant grip, that ensures the best serving of the morning coffee. The frame on Kollekt Serving Tray is kept simple and open to give it a light and contemporary feel.

Kollekt Serving Tray is perfect for serving an elegant meal or for storing your favourite vinegar, oil and marinade near the stove.




Focusing on functional design and high quality materials, Gejst takes a normal product, looks at the need to be fulfilled, then strips it down to come up with something thrilling. Multifunctional and thought through to the smallest detail, you decide the final design and how it will be used.

Each design is a testament to this approach and it is our way of bringing gejst into homes all around the world.


Designer: Gejst Design Team, Measurements: 428 * 302 * 80 mm, Colour: White/Oak, Black/Oak

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