NEBL Mega Black


Nebl Mega is a planter with character. The distinctive design and the matte finish of the glass adds an exclusiveness and tactility to Nebl, that makes it hard not to get intrigued.

Nebl is an intuitive and innovative planter that salutes unity and simplicity. Nebel is the German word for ‘fog’ and this exact meteorological phenomenon is the main source of inspiration for designer Michael Rem. Nebl consists of two parts: A ceramic base in which the plant is placed, and a frosted glass that is placed on the base. The glass has two openings with different sizes, which makes it possible to place the glass either high or low on the base.




Product name: Nebl Mega,
Designer: Michael Rem
Measurements: Glass: Ø38 * 44,2 cm, Base: Ø20,3 * 19,5 cm
Colour: Black

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