Sceene D is a predefined Sceene solution. Sceene D is put together by three modules, of which one is open, another is a closed cabinet and the third an open cabinet. The back panel and the sides of the cabinet comes in light oak. Sceene D consists of one Module 1, one Module 2 and one Module 3 plus tre side panels, two back panels and one set of doors.

Sceene is a modular shelving system, designed by Michael Rem for Gejst. Module by module the shelving system can be build up high, extended to the sides and be customized with side panels, doors or back panels made in oak. The idea behind Sceene is to create a frame to put the stories we form during our life on display. Our stories are captured in artifacts and objects full of sentimental value and with Sceene you can tell your stories exactly how you want.


  • Light Oak

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Sceene D

Product name: Sceene D, Designer: Michael Rem, Measurements: 82*39*183 cm, Colours: Light Oak, Textile

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