Reech step stool

The inspiration behind Reech step stool comes from the Nordic lifestyle, and its design exudes both functionality and aesthetics, making it an ideal addition to any home that values quality and durable design. Reech has become the latest iconic product from Gejst, seamlessly integrating into many homes with its stringent and elegant design language. It can be used in the kitchen as a practical solution for reaching shelves, in the bedroom as a decorative item, and to elevate slightly older children to working height.

The thoughtful design of Reech includes innovative solutions such as the small round push button, ensuring that the top step remains secure when the stool is folded. The beautiful brass closure adds an exclusive touch, making Reech truly special. The steel steps are spray-painted to provide the necessary robustness to the step stool.

The Reech stool is also ideal as a space-saving solution and, like its big brother, comes with a bracket so it can be hung on the wall or stored away in the cabinet. The bracket is discreet and concealed by the top step, creating an illusion that Reech is floating on the wall.

Reech is designed by the award-winning architectural firm C. F. Møller, Reech merges functionality with aesthetics. Reech is technically intuitive while retaining the minimalist Nordic expression that characterizes the Gejst brand. Reech is not just a practical solution but also a sculptural addition to the home, where utility meets aesthetics.