Silia is designed to fit into several types of rooms. The magazine holder can be placed on the floor, on low tables, or used in other setups. In addition to its function as a magazine holder, Silia can also be used for other purposes, such as storing yarn, games, and more. Silia is versatile and adapts to different needs and environments.

Silia was born out of the idea of creating a super simple magazine rack that stands by itself and can add an aesthetic touch to any room. It consists of two identical discs that are beveled at the bottom and have a carefully placed transverse slot half the diameter of the disc. By rotating one disc and sliding the two discs together at a right angle, Silia emerges in all its simplicity and functionality. One of the special details that characterize Silia is the visual and sculptural power that arises when the two circular flat elements come together in a spacious, stable, and self-supporting construction.