GLIM is a wall hanged candle mirror designed by Böttcher & Kayser for Gejst. The mirror amplifies the light and is a function inspired by old lanterns. GLIM is a decorative and contemporary candle holder to fix at the wall. Made of painted steel and mirror glass, crooked cut from the side so the candle is free to burn. It captures the Danish atmosphere of “hygge” perfectly while giving a cozy effect mirroring the candlelight. Perfect to implement in a picture wall, to install alone or in a cluster in the Livingroom, entrance, office or bedroom.

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Designer Michael Rem is based in Berlin and graduated from the University of Fine Arts Saarbrücken, Germany in 2009. He worked on several projects for renowned design companies before opening his own studio in 2012 and his first collaboration with Gejst in 2017.

Michael says: “Being a designer means absorbing all of the daily influences that life offers endlessly, and consciously experiencing it. All the sounds, colours, forms and events are mixed together in the subconscious with your personality and emotions, so that all of this can be combined to form something new: A new idea which is extracted from the absorbed old and comes back to the surface of the conscious as images of new products. This is what I term the new simple.”

Michael has already won and been nominated for numerous design awards in his career so far. Most notably, he received a German Design Award in 2017 for his Molekyl Candleholder design.


Produktnavn: GLIM Slim
Designer: Böttcher Kayser
Mål: Bredde 120mm x Højde 280mm x Dybde 65mm
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