Nebl vase

Designer Michael Rem, the creative mind behind the Nebl planter design, has successfully translated the distinctive design language into the Nebl vase. His vision was to see the beautiful and mysterious atmosphere of Nebl become an integral part of our everyday lives. Michael sees Nebl as an artwork, suggesting that it can be used as decoration with or without flowers.

The inspiration behind the Nebl collection comes from the German word for "fog." The frosted glass covering the vase not only serves a visual effect but also has a practical function by concealing the stems of the flowers. The result is a calm and mysterious expression that invites exploration and contemplation.

During the design process, the fascination with the design of the Nebl vase extended to include a version in clear glass. Although the clear version may deviate from the original Nebl DNA, it brings the focus back to the shape of the vase itself. A long but carefully considered decision based on aesthetic considerations resulted in the clear glass Nebl vase becoming a reality.

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