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Are you ready to ride the flower wave?

Today, it's a trend to pick your own bouquets. They contribute to creating an atmosphere and altering an expression. Most importantly and most excitingly, they can tell a story about you!

We are currently in a time where the beautiful flowers of spring are in bloom. Why not bring home the beautiful colors and scents of the season?

Become a master of flower picking - the guide to picking the most beautiful flowers!

The best places to find flowers and rules for flower picking! Finding the best flowers depends a lot on where you are and which flowers you are interested in picking.

Here are some tips on where to find different flowers:
Fields, meadows, forests, and nature reserves
Do you prefer wildflowers? Then there are plenty of wildflowers to be found in fields, meadows, forests, and nature reserves. Just be aware of the rules. You can read more about this below.

Self-picking fields
There are self-picking fields scattered around the country where you pay a certain price to freely pick flowers. These fields are filled with a variety of flowers, catering to everyone's taste!

Botanical gardens and parks
Some public gardens and parks allow flower picking. Still, make sure to be familiar with the rules beforehand.

Rules for flower picking!
Before you start picking, you need to know the rules. Respect must be shown to the plants of nature.

Rules in nature
You must not pick or dig up protected species in nature. This includes, for example, all species of orchids. Not only is it illegal and harmful to biodiversity, but it's also unwise, as many species require special conditions to live. They will die if taken home. You are allowed to pick a bouquet of non-protected natural species. However, it's recommended not to pick the last flower at the spot, and it's prohibited to dig them up. Therefore, always have respect, and keep in mind that the flowers are part of nature.

How to tie the bouquet!
You can probably slap a few flowers together, but there are actually some ingenious techniques to get more out of your flowers.

1. Before you start
Find a good pair of scissors and a sharp knife, as well as thin rope or ribbon. Then, clean the stems and remove any small leaves near the stem. This will help prolong the bouquet's lifespan, as any leaves on the stem tend to make the water rancid. Therefore, it's important to remove them!

2. Start with a central flower
Choose the flower that will be the centerpiece of the bouquet.

3. Add flowers in a spiral shape
Take the next flower and place it diagonally opposite the first flower, so the stem crosses the first one. Turn the bouquet a little in your hand and continue adding more flowers in the same way. This helps create a spiral shape, with the stems spreading out in a fan shape from below.

4. Even distribution
Make sure to distribute the flowers evenly.

5. Tie the bouquet together
Once you are satisfied with the size and shape, you can tie the stems together. Use the rope or ribbon to tie the stems just below the flower heads, where you hold them with your hand. Tie tightly enough to hold the flowers in place but not too tight to crush the stems.

6. Adjustment and finishing touches
Finally, you can adjust the flowers so they sit nicely and harmoniously.

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