The stepladder Reech is practical, both in function and design, and is created to make everyday life easier and more beautiful.

With its clean, stringent design, the stepladder will fit into many homes, and its aesthetic expression will add a decorative touch to many different rooms. Reech is ideal for helping you reach the top shelves in the kitchen, but it will also make a beautiful feature in the bedroom, in a corner of the living room with a plant on it or as a spare seat for guests. The stepladder can also be the children's best friend when they help in the kitchen.

The design of Reech is thought out in every detail, as exemplified by the innovative joints and solutions that are part of the stepladder. A small, almost invisible magnet keeps the top step in place when the ladder is folded up and not in use. When it is time to use the stepladder it is unfolded most of the way, the top step is folded down, and the ladder is then fully unfolded so that the step locks into place in the frame.

Reech comes with a practical bracket that lets you hang it on the wall or inside a closet. That way it can be tucked away out of sight when it is not in use without taking up any floor space. The wall bracket is hidden behind the top step, which almost gives the illusion that Reach is floating in the air, magically held in place against the wall.