Nothing challenges the talented designer's skills more than simplicity. 'Sapoto' is a Japanese word that means 'with support'. In order to underscore that core design idea, Kasper Friis Egelund combined soft organic shapes in sand-cast polished aluminium with rough, dark stone that is not just a plinth but a beautiful and distinctive object in its own right.
While the serving tray and bowls are polished to a mirror shine, the raw sand casting method lends a beautiful contrast to the dark marble of the plinth.  The Sapoto series consists of objects that spark curiosity. Invite us to touch. To pick them up. To share.
The design of the individual bowls and the tray is carefully considered. The carefully chosen shapes and structures create a beautiful dynamic between the objects that make up the series. The bowls can be used individually or in a group, where their interaction heightens the experience. The dinner table takes on a sophisticated expression when the different Sapoto bowls are combined and filled with tempting delights. The bowls can also add a decorative touch to your window sill or be used as a stylish way to present lotions or jewelry.

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